Artist's Statement

"It's always difficult for an artist to talk about one's work. I guess for me the process of painting is a kind of joyful struggle, a deeply complex and unpredictable journey to find harmony and unity.

I never plan ahead in any great detail and there are no hard and fast rules except to strive to communicate. It is very much an intuitive and physical activity, not just about what I see so much as what I feel about something, and how it moves me. When confronting the landscape I may be excited by the weather, a certain light, colour or texture, but when I paint my imagination may tap into something incredibly intense and unseen, perhaps drawn from past experience.

Producing paintings is an intrinsic part of my nature. I hope you enjoy my work."
- Sandra Graham


Born in the West Midlands, Sandra gained her BA (Hons) in Painting and History of Art and Design in 1995 at Wolverhampton University under the tuition of Knighton Hosking.Her work then was fuelled by the sublime images of the Black Country, and though industry has now much declined, from time to time she returns to the subject of industrial landscape.

Sandra is a qualified lecturer and taught in Further Education as well as working as a freelance artist, and leading community arts projects such as Art in Mind for Sandwell Creative Arts and STAA (Sandwell Third Age Arts) - a charity providing access to the arts for the elderly and people with dementia.

She divides her time between Worcestershire and The Isle of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland. This beautiful isle, with its mountains, woodlands, beaches and outlying islands, has affectionately become known as “Scotland in Miniature” thus providing her with much inspiration. Sandra has a passion and excitement for nature, its beauty and overwhelming unpredictability.